Weezy SMS 2020

Weezy SMS 2020: At that time, the trend is to send messages instead of making phone calls. People have such a hectic life that they do not prefer to call someone and talk to them. They prefer to send a message to people. This trend is more about working with young people.

weezy sms 2020

Weezy SMS 2020

The Weezy SMS is the part of the communication where you can send messages regularly. This application is designed only for sending and receiving messages.

We have cells in our mobile phones that tell us when someone sends a message or calls us. Sending SMS has now so important that even if you have a meeting tomorrow, you will send a message. If you have the plan to party tomorrow, you will send an SMS to your group.

Whenever you send an SMS to someone, they go to the tower and then reach the control channel to authority.

Weezy SMS is an innovative way for the world of SMS and MMS. This works socially but does not require any amount of Internet. It can work without a net. You can make changes in the application according to your wishes and add images, photos to the background.

You can also change the color according to your preference. When you create a custom theme, you can save it for later messaging. The customizable emoji window is also available to you. You can create your emoji on this window according to the needs of the current letters at the right moment.

Apk for Weezy SMS 2019

weezy sms

You can also customize the size of the text when you write an SMS to someone you want to share your text.

You can also create your profile on the Weezy SMS and stay connected with your friends without access to the Internet. This app also has a night mode facility.

It protects your eyes during the night. You can text your friends even at night without worrying about your eyes. Your page will be able to view your profile without any internet connection, mobile data, or WiFi.

You can also share music, videos, and images. The best part is that you can share the pictures with your Family without any network connection.

Whenever you send an SMS to someone, you receive a delivery report. Whenever you receive a message, you receive a Flashlight notification, do not worry, even if you are busy doing something, you can instantly respond to the text. There is a custom LED and a vibrator.

When you receive a message, the device vibrates, and the light flashes. There is no limit to the input of the words, you can also send a big SMS. You have the choice of marking the SMS as unread, deleting it or copying it.

You can schedule the SMS. The message will send when you click on the notification to sent it. You can also block SMS from unwanted numbers.

The application is 100% confidential and secure because the data saved only on your mobile. There is no use of the net, so do not worry if your profile was hacked.

Emus4u Apk for Weezy SMS

You can download the Weezy SMS application from Emus4u Apk for Weezy SMS. As the app is a third-party application, it is not available on the Play Store. It not only helps you send messages, but you can also download music for free.

The app is fantastic because you do not have to spend your money on an internet connection and you can be in touch with all your contacts. The peculiarity is that the message always delivered on time. The message does not go directly to the recipient, but the SMS first and is stored there, but it is entirely safe to use this application. Because your friend will receive the message each time, he turns on his phone.

If you like our article then you should like to try the app once, and you will not regret it but enjoy sending SMS to your friends!

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