Torque Pro Apk Download Official Version 2020

If you are looking to check the performance and diagnosis of a vehicle or a car then you should have Torque Pro Apk application on your android devices. This application is used to check all the performance of your vehicle. It uses OBD II engine management to Bluetooth adapter where you can connect ECU.

It uses GPS to track all your logs and activities of your engine to let you know what you have done with your engine in the past. You can say its an alternate of scan tool it can also reset the DTC or any fault code. Using Torque Pro you can fix any type of engine problem easily.

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What Is Torque Pro?

In addition Torque, Pro Apk is a paid app that will cost you around $4.99 on the Android Play Store. So what really is torque pro app is?

When your car got into some problem then what you do simply take that car in the garage for repair or check by a car mechanic what is the problem. But remember this app will not repair your vehicle but it will surely tell you what might be the problem of your car.

This app connects from your android phone or tablet and connects through Bluetooth to check what the problem is and will give you suggestions or advice about the problem. The errors which Torque Pro Apk will show may be fixed easily without taking to the service center or garage.

It can also save your hundreds of dollars if recognizing and detecting the problem and you fix that problem by yourself. You can also check the application on the Aptoide apk.

Now let’s discuss some more features of Torque Pro Application where you will know about this application in detail and also will help you to decide whether this application is best suitable for your vehicle or not.

Torque Pro Key features

You may find many features of this software for the android device but we have discussed below only those features which will help you to decide whether it is best or not. So let’s dive in:

Incident Check

Firstly it can check any type of error or incident happen with the car while doing some check. It will also tell you what will be the best solution for that error to be repaired. It can also delete any error code and please double sure while deleting any error code as it might make your problem worse or even get your car in more trouble.


There might be a question going on in your mind that will it be compatible in my car. And let me tell you that cars which are manufactured after 2001 which uses OBD 2 are compatible to use the Torque Pro APK. You can find OBD 2 white-label in the engine box.

More Features

There are more features available when you will download the application. Let’s talk about more features that will be easier to know about the application.

  1. Display HUD (Heads Up Display) while driving in the night time.
  2. Torque Pro can tell you the accurate speed of the car.
  3. You can also change the theme to view data in different colors.
  4. Works on every tablet or android phone like Galaxy Tablet, Note, Motorola, etc.
  5.  CO2 emission or carbon dioxide can also be read easily.
  6.  You can read Transmission Temperature using Torque Pro Apk 2020.
  7. Screenshot can also be shared through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  8. Horsepower and Dynometer.
  9. If your car coolant temperature goes above 120C while you are driving then warning or alarm system will go on.
  10. Easy to handle control panel and profile.
  11. Supports car dock, MPG and Graph Data.

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Latest Features Of Updated Application (1.8.199) Official Version

  • Fixes all errors and bugs of the previous version.
  • Now the Bluetooth device option is enabled.
  • Now you can add a battery level also from your mobile phone.

Installation Process

As you have read the features of Torque Pro Apk now its time to see how can we install this app on our android system. As it is very easy to install you just have to read the step by step process carefully and implement these steps on your mobile device.

  • If you know the step on how to switch on installing from an unknown source then switch to step 2nd. And if you don’t know then please continue reading.

First Step

First, download the file from the given link above and below (You can download from any link). Now head over to setting tap on setting>security option and then unknown sources. Tap on allow or enable the option.

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Step 2

When you will allow from unknown sources third-party applications will be able to download and install on your device like android. Install the Apk file from the install button.

Step 3

After successfully installing the app now you can open the application and configure it according to your needs and enjoy its all features.

Final Words

We hope you like the content of Torque Pro Apk and you will definitely use this feature on your smart car also. We hope everything is clear by providing the most detailed guide. But still, if you have any kind of question or confusion then please tell us in the comment section or contact us.



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