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TikTok Apk 2020 is the best video sharing app right now on the internet. Users share the app by creating short videos and share them with family, friends, and everyone. If you choose the option to share it with everyone then anyone can see your video.

You can also become famous through Tik Tok by sharing your videos through a special effect. If your videos are funny and loving then their option of sharing. So every user shares the video on social media through WhatsApp, telegram, twitter, etc and makes you famous.

This app was launch by a Chinese company known as ByteDance. Today this application is a billion-dollar company one of the top trending apps in PlayStore and AppStore.

In India only it has been shared by millions of people and its users are increasing day by day.

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This app was recently banned in India by the supreme court of India due to misuse of this app. The government of India found that it was spreading pornographic material which is not suitable for Kids. On 3rd April 2019 Tamil Naidu tells the federal government to ban this app.

The IT minister received a letter from the federal government and requested to ban the app from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Withing 24hrs like on April 17, 2019, the app was removed from the official store and new users cannot download it.

After a few days, the TikTok Apk 2020 Owner requested a case to the supreme court to revoke the ban and make them satisfied that all the pornography content has been removed from the app. And in the future, they will not allow such content on this application.

After getting the Satisfying answer from the owner the supreme court of India removed the ban and it was again available to download on both the official store.

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Features of TikTok Apk 2020

There are so many features of the app to share with. But we will discuss only a few of them which are more popular and we think you should know these features.

  • Slideshow Maker: You can make a slideshow of every video you make. So users can see your all videos in your profile one by one automatically. If you are active on social media then you can see it. In the slideshow, you can add many memories one by one and share it with your family and friends.
  • Upload Video Directly: If you shoot the video from your mobile then there is an option you can upload the video directly if you have an active internet connection. That video will directly be uploaded in your account and then you can add special effects and increase your followers.
  • Promotion Of Product: If you have millions of followers on Tik Tok Apk 2020 then you can also promote the product by uploading it on your Account. Like if a company hires you to promote there product then you can charge them and you can promote there product on your Account.
  • Duet Video: If you want to make the video with your family or friends. Then you can easily make it and if your friend is not with you or staying far then you can add him in your video through add option and you both can make it together.
  • Great Video Editor– The Tik Tok App provides a great video editor option with the app. You can edit the videos according to your choice. You can also lips sync the video and add the music in the background and make the video more realistic. This feature is not available in other apps, Thus making this app unique and awesome.

Pros And Cons

There are many pros and cons of Tik Tok Apk but we will discuss some of them which are discussed below:


The main pros of the Tik Tok Apk are that the user doesn’t get bored and he/she can pass his time for many hours by uploading the videos or seeing the other person videos. Any Age person can see the video can make it. So there is no age limitation. So Tik Tok Apk is made for everyone.

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Like there was no negative point of Tik Tok Apk still the ban of Tik Tok Apk. After hearing the ban of Tik Tok Apk due to pornography then yes this is a negative point of TikTok Apk 2020. Because anyone can make any type of video and upload it. And this app is most popular in Young adults and kids. So it may be dangerous for these generations if they don’t make the app more user-friendly and secure.

So we have discussed all the cons and pros of TikTok Apk 2020 and we hope you like the post very much.


This app is superb if you use it in a good manner and does not use it for hours. Because it consumes lots of internet data and you will go out of the data limit. All the content is video and they are in high Quality so it consumes lots of internet data. The app has its own song library and has a huge collection of various songs with some special effects in those songs. You can also download this application with the help of Aptoide, tutuapp, mobdro, etc.

We hope you like our post on Tik Tok Apk and you will share it with your family and friends. If you stuck somewhere or don’t know how to use then simply comment down below we will help you out. If you have any doubts about this app then share it. Thanks for reading the post we hope you like it. You can also download this application with the help of emus4u application.


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