Tachiyomi App/Apk For iOS/Android 2020

Tachiyomi Apk: Anime refers to the Japanese method of creating animation collection. It will not be wrong if we say that Anime is the most renowned art form on the planet. Today, artists are actively working on countless Anime series in addition to movies, and it’s because Anime is loved by people around the world. Nowadays, just about all Animes are published with dubbed and subbed versions, so that, people with different mother tongues may enjoy the content.

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And speaking about Manga, it’s a comic book equivalent of Anime, and people like to read them also. But sometimes, Manga fans face several problems such as the unavailability of the necessary language version of the Manga. Also, the majority of the official platforms aren’t even free to use. But, there are loads of platforms and programs available that can be used to read the hottest Manga, and Tachiyomi is just one of these programs.

What is Tachiyomi App?

Tachiyomi is just one of those platforms where users may read boundless Mangas for free of charge. All you’ve got to do is download the program and search for your favorite Manga. The Tachiyomi can be downloaded for free of cost on Android and iOS platforms easily. Well, the app isn’t available officially on the program shops but can be downloaded using the third party platform. And here, we’ll be mentioning the steps to download the Tachiyomi program for Android/ iOS.

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Speaking about the Tachiyomi program, it’s a free and open-source platform for Manga readers. The program can be used to read just about any Manga online. You want to add the extensions, and you’re ready to go. Tachiyomi enables users to read content from several popular sites like Manga Rock, Manga Reader, Crunchy Roll, and a lot more.

The app is a bit tricky to use at the beginning, it might take a while to get used to it, but you’ll be getting plenty of perks for it in return. Users can easily download complete series of their favorite Manga easily, arrange the chapters at the library, and plenty of customization can be obtained for the smooth user-interface. If you are already eager to use the app in your device, below are the steps to download the Tachiyomi program for Android/ iOS.


There are many features available for this application but we will discuss only some of them which are very useful and will become more in use and also you will able to decide whether this application is best for you android or iOS devices.

  • You can save your favorite mangas online so that you can read it in offline mode while traveling.
  • Local Manga can be added in your catalog easily
  • All topics are categorized in such a say that manga can be searched easily.
  • Plenty of extensions are available to increase app functionality.
  • Dark and Light themes are also available so that you can customize the interface easily.

Steps To Download

We have discussed how to download Tachiyomi app for Android/ iOS in depth. All you have to do is read it step by step and follow each and everything will be done easily.

Step 1

This application can be downloaded on the Android or iOS platform easily but remember this application is not available on any app store source or platform. Because it may have broken company rules. But don’t worry we have alternate method where you can download it. Got to Github’s website link is given below.

Github link

Step 2

Now when you click on this link it will directly take you to the GitHub website. There will be the latest hyperlink of the Tachiyomi v0.8.4. It is the latest version right now available on Github official website.

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Step 3

Now when you tap on the link it will take you to another page where you will find 3 download files to download on your mobile. So simply you have the option to download any one of the files according to your choice. You will find these files under the assets option where you will find Android version “tachiyomi-v0.8.4.apk,” and you also get the option to download ZIP “Source code(zip)” and TAR files “Source code(tar.gz).”

Step 4

If you are using android version then i would suggest you to go with apk extension which is compatible version for your android device.

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Step 5

After succesfully downloading of the Tachiyomi APK you have to find the app where you have save the application and then install it on your android device.

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Step 6

You app is downloaded successfully. Now open the application and go to an extension to read manga content.


Q1 Are there any alternate of Tachiyomi APK?

Ans1 Generally people use Manga Rock or Manga storm for iOS or Android devices.

Q2 Are there any other alternate Download option without going to GitHub?

Ans2 Yes there is a download link file given below. You don’t have to go to GitHub. Simply download it and install on your android mobile.

Q3 Tachiyomi APK for iOS device?

Ans3 Simply go to this application and download it on your iOS device. You may get alternate over there.

Final Words

We hope you will like Tachiyomi APK on your android or iOS devices as we like it. Remember these apps are not available on iOS or Android devices so please have to download according to steps shown above. If you have any problem regarding downloading the app please comment down below. We will try our best to solve your problem.









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