Quikr App 2020

Quikr App 2020 is a fantastic place for buyers and sellers of all kinds of items like mobile phones, furniture, home appliances, laptop, etc.

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 Quikr App 2020

It is essentially an online store for buying and selling products. We can also say that Quikr is also the advertising platform. Quikr was discovered in 2008 by Jiby Thomas and Chalet.

It serves more than 200 countries worldwide between customers and sellers. There are some alternative in the market in place of Quikr App and these are:



There is no need for any insecurity while purchasing anything from Quikr App. Because they have changed their policy so much that both buyer and seller are safe. Both the party have to be trustable any means.

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Quikr Apk 2020

Quikr supports all purchase/sales, payment, delivery, customer service, and more. You can easily buy something from the app. The steps involve the following points:

  • First, the buyer must look for the product he is willing to buy.
  • Once the research work is complete, it must enter the price in the column that has been finalized with the seller.
  • Once the seller has accepted the price, he/she contacts the buyer, and the Quikr app 2020 representatives will receive payment in cash.
  • Once payment, Quikr will deliver the product to the buyer.
  • After confirmation of the delivery of the product by the buyer, Quikr will send the money to the seller.

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Quikr 2020

Somehow the buyer is not satisfied with the product for any reason, he can return the product within five days of delivery and get a refund.

Always purchase to that seller only where Quikr took the responsibility of all transactions happening between seller and buyer. Where you will be safe and the best part is they keep the money with them unless and until the buyer is satisfied with the product they have received.

Buyers must place an order by entering their email ID, and the app does not accept online payment. Although the buyer has the option to make payment in cash with a debit or credit card. He/she can also opt for the EMI installation at the time of delivery.

There are some peculiarities to the application. These features are described below:


The world is too big for a seller to sell his product, and the buyer buys it. Maybe the person who will buy your product or sell a product does not belong to your city. So you can easily find it in the world of the Web. Quikr bridges the gap between buyer and seller becomes easy for a person to buy or sell a product when Quikr is acting as a mediator.


The app has a chatbox feature. The buyer and seller can contact directly regarding product details. They can negotiate the price. They can discuss color, size, quality, etc. of the product.


This feature of the app has simplified the search for users. They can now define their location and click on a nearby site for the transaction. The app will help them find the reseller near their area.


The application works in many languages ​​, such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, etc. It attracts people from all communities living in different areas and cities. The user can use the application in the language in which he is fluent.


Since Quikr only accepts cash payments, which reduces the risk of fraud somewhere, The application does not accept online payment. Nobody can, therefore, take the amount before delivery and run away without delivering the product. The cash payment also satisfies the sellers when he/she sees the money in hand.


The app is a unique online store where all types of customers are welcome. Products such as appliances, furniture, bicycles, jobs, car, home, cosmetics, electronics, wardrobes, cell phones, etc.


Quikr provides a home-based service to its users. Neither the seller has to go to the buyer to deliver the product, nor the buyer to go to the seller to make the payment. It becomes very feasible for both the buyer and the seller to make the transaction. This is the benefit for both, not one.

Final Words

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