Legacy Of Discord Game Review 2020

legacy of discord

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Legacy Of Discord

Recently, this is precisely what happened to Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings. The action MMORPG was recently put on EC and here’s why: it features a fantastic storyline, solid characters, recent (fun) updates, and an automatic combat option that lets you win fights when you’re asleep. Want to know more? Keep reading.

The scenario

The story of Legacy of Discord begins with a massive meteorite crashing into the world of Aurora – the place where the game unfolds – leaving behind a trail of chaos and destruction. If that were not enough, a black crystal moving inside the meteorite is released upon impact and slowly begins to absorb the powers of the light glass, the one that holds back the sunlight in Aurora.


After Years later, as the demons grew stronger, they decided that it was time to destroy the Crystal of Light, but thanks to the three Elemental Elders (who led the Guardians), the demons were defeated, thus failing to carry out their mission. Naturally, they will not rest until they have succeeded in destroying the crystal.

Your target is to defend the crystal of light against this new threat! This game was once the best Google PlayStore most downloaded and played by the android users. But now it’s not leading game playing right now as it is replaced by many multiplayer games.

The beginning

Start by choosing between three remarkably well-designed and impressive characters: Berserker (Fire Master), Bladedancer (Master of Electricity), and Sorceress (Master of the Ice Element). Everyone has a different power class, so choose wisely! After selecting a character, you will be ready to begin the quest to save Aurora from demons.

The first chapter contains a tutorial that helps players learn the basics of the game. Once finished, you will be alone. So be sure to follow the tutorial carefully because it will give you several useful tips.

The gameplay

The commands work well and are quite easy to catch up to, especially after following the tutorial. Your left hand will be responsible for moving (a bit like a digital joystick), while your right hand will be used to attack your enemies. You can choose different attacks to make your character stronger and more powerful. Remember that some attacks have a countdown allowing you to know when you can use them again.

The game includes several exciting features such as Real-time PvP fights, PVE trials, the ability to create guilds or join existing ones, get Pets to help you in combat, a Wraith wing system (an equipment ultra-powerful that can be acquired by players), a new air system that and allows players to fight to escape all at the same time and much more!

Last thoughts

When you play Legacy of Discord, you’ll encounter high levels, a remarkable story, amazing 3D color graphics, very detailed characters and, if that’s not enough, the game has several in-app items you can buy with AppCoins, to personalize your style and make it even more powerful!

If you’re in action, download MMORPG Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings mobile games right now!


Legacy of Discord can be easily downloaded from iosĀ apk. The best part about this game is you don’t have to pay anything in Aptoide Apk Store. Everything is free and an In-app purchase option is available.

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