GB Whatsapp APK Download [LATEST VERSION]

All smartphone users in today’s technical world are aware of WhatsApp. We use it daily in our day to day lives for different purposes like chatting, sharing songs, photos, music, videos, and other media with our friends, colleagues or family members. GB WhatsApp is an update of text messaging which you are using today. This new feature has very good and convenient features for users as compared to previous or normal features.

gb whatsapp

GB WhatsApp APK is basically the modded version or clone of the normal apk file. It makes the application more special with several changes. The best part of this app is you can sign into 2  accounts simultaneously and use them. As we know that the limits of our contacts are set in the sim so we sometimes worry about our sim storage and of contact limit too but this feature is here to solve this problem.

This apk let you get two accounts with two different numbers on your single android device. You will not be needed to even root your android device as this feature is compatible with all types of android devices and is specially made for android users. You can download it as an alternative to your current application. This feature will also provide you the best experience which your current version did not.

The latest version is free of ads and viruses. This app provides you the video calling function with gif support which is the new and latest feature of this app not available in your current version. It provides you new and wonderful themes inside the app which you can download the latest version and use, which increases your quality and physical appearance.

Free Download Latest Version GB Whatsapp APK v 5.90

This the app just only enhances the features of your previous version with new addition and subtraction of different features. It is totally safe to use and you will not be going to face any of the ban issues in the future for GB WhatsApp APK. You will be able to hide your laser,n, only status,s, second tick or blue tick, etc. by using this GB WhatsApp apk.

This is much better in the experience as compared to the current version. This GB WhatsApp APK gets updated regularly with different features and functions and you can update it with their site.


GBWhatsApp download latest version Official v8.25 (2020)

There are several versions available for download with their regular updates. Some of the new versions are given below –

Information about latest APK ( v 8.25 )

App nameGB WhatsApp
Last updated03 January 2020
App versionv 8.25
Downloads5000000 +
Compatibility requirementsandroid version 4.0 or above
DevelopersGB Mods


List of Permissions required

1 – It will retrieve all running apps.

2 – It will require your identity access.

  • Find other accounts available on your device.
  • Adding or removing accounts.
  • It will need access to read your own contact card.

3 – Need access to read your contacts and modify your contact list.

4 – Download apk will need access to your approximate location based on your network and the precise location based on GPS.

5 – This app will need to allow access to your SMS setting like to receive text messages or to send the text messages.

6 – It will need to allow to read phone status and its identity.

7 – This app will need access to your media files for sending images and videos for this it will read the contents present in your USB storage and modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.

8 – It will need access to your camera for taking and receiving images and pictures.

9 – Whatsapp GB will need access to your microphone.

10 – This app will need to view your wi fi or internet connection.

11 – Access needed with phone status and identity

  • I will read sync statistics.
  • You will receive data from the internet of your device.
  • Will view and check network connections of your device.
  • Require access to create accounts and set passwords.
  • Allow Bluetooth access and Bluetooth pairing.
  • Permission to send sticky broadcasts.
  • Connection and disconnection with wi fi
  • Access over the full network.
  • Permission to change your device’s audio setting.
  • Permission to control your nearby field communication.
  • Access to read sync settings.
  • Allow running at startup.
  • Permission to use accounts on the device.
  • Control over the vibration setting of your device.
  • Allow access to prevent the device from sleep mode.
  • Needs permission to modify your system settings.
  • Access over toggle screen of turning on and off.
  • Permission to install shortcuts.
  • Permission to uninstall shortcuts.
  • Allow reading google service configurations.

You will need to give GB WhatsApp all of these permissions when you install this app to your android device. You will be going to get new themes, colors, specifications, etc. You will be able to send more photos at a time. You can change the chat theme, chat colors, modes of the WhatsApp at a single time. The best feature you can use two GB WhatsApp in your single device with two different numbers now be ready to make prank of your friends. Send different emoji’s, stickers, gifs to your friends which were not available on regular WhatsApp and surprise your friends from where you got these wonderful features in your WhatsApp you can also use the facility of night mode option provided by Whatsapp for your eyes relief at night during chatting with friends.

gb whatsapp apk

How to Download Free Latest Version GBWhatsapp APK 2020

Step – 1: You can get this APK from the google play store of android devices.

Step – 2: You can also get the download link from online sources to download GB WhatsApp APK to your device.

Step – 3: You can also download GBWhatsapp APK by using the below-Provided download link –

Step – 4: Now, GB WhatsApp apk download from the provided link.

Step – 5: Check that download begins or not.

Step – 6: Wait till the download gets completed.

Step – 7: Now, check that your download is finished.

Step – 8: So, you have successfully downloaded GB WhatsApp freedom APK.

Steps for install Gb WhatsApp APK

Step – 1: Check that you have downloaded this.

Step – 2: Now, first of all, you need to allow access for installation from unknown sources. For allowing this installation go to the mobile setting division.

Step – 3: Now look for the security setting option. Click on it to open.

Step – 4: Next, scroll to look for the option of unknown sources within security.

Step – 5: Now, tap at the right corner to allow installation. Before allowing for installing it will ask your permission for further proceedings. Click on the OK button present on the right side of the screen.

Step – 6: Wait till the Installation loading gets completed.

Step – 7: Now, you have successfully install GB WhatsApp APK to your device.

Step – 8: You will get the app icon of GB WhatsApp at the top of your mobile screen.

Step – 9: Now, click on the app icon to open it.

Step – 10: Open the app Click on agree and continue, and put your mobile number to sign in to your WhatsApp account.

Step – 11: Click OK when the verification message comes to your screen of the mobile number.

Step – 12: You will get an SMS with a code in it your system will automatically verify your mobile number through that code arrived in your text message box.

Step – 13: Now, what get initialize. Wait till the initialization process gets completed.

Step – 14: A screen will arrive where you can insert your profile picture and you will get an option to give you a name.

Step – 15: After completing all these steps you will be able to use text app, start chatting, sharing with friends and explore your fun with them.

How to install GB WhatsApp on PC

As we all know that it is not possible to download APK files on PC. Apk files are only designed for android mobiles. But if we want to get these apps on pc we need to install android emulators. There are several emulators that work for pc very well one of them is blue stacks which is the most common and popular emulator for pc.

Let us download GB WhatsApp for PC by using this emulator :

Step – 1: First of all search online for the blue stack emulator’s download link.

Step – 2: After getting the link download a blue stack emulator according to the window version.

Step – 3: Now, wait till the download gets completed.

Step – 4: After that click on the downloaded blue stack to open it.

Step – 5: Now, install it on your Windows PC, when your installation gets completed you will see a desktop icon of the blue stack.

Step – 6: Click on that icon to open the blue stack app.

Step – 7: Now install, or open google play store in a blue stack emulator.

Step – 8: Follow the same steps as mentioned above in the steps for installation and download of the G B app for android.Step – 9: Now, you will get the G B apk on your PC in a blue stack emulator. You are ready to use this app on your Windows PC.

How to install G B app on Mac

The installation procedure of this app is similar to that of the window PC.

Step – 1: First of all you need to search for the latest version link from the web or go to the official website for downloading.

Step – 2: Now you will need to download an emulator like for window you need to download an android emulator for mac.

Step – 3: Now go to the emulator’s download section. Tap on it to open it.

Step – 4: Open and register on the emulator and search for the GBWhatsApp on the search bar.

Step – 5: Now you need to download the searched option and install it.

Step – 6: Now open the installed app and register on the WhatsApp app on your mac book.

Step – 7: Now agree with the terms and conditions of the app use it.

Step – 8: After that, if few minutes you will be able to use your G B WhatsApp on mac OS

Get ready for exploring your fun with such an exciting and interesting app.

Features and specification of G B WhatsApp APK

1 – You will be able to hide or view your status privacy in this new feature app.

2 – This new GBWhatsApp app has the option of hiding chats, saving status, saving stories of your WhatsApp contacts.

3 – This new feature has additional included new emojis with it.

4 – The video calling feature of this new WhatsApp works very well as compared to previous WhatsApp.

5 – Video size limit has been increased in this app to 50 MB whereas, in normal Whatsapp, the video-sharing limit is just only 30 MB.

6 – The character length of the Whatsapp group name has been increased to 35 characters in this new G B WhatsApp apk.

7 – There are fixed bug issues in this new app which were causing problems at the time of video sharing in normal WhatsApp.

8 – The new G B feature allows you to hide you’re last seen, blue ticks, second ticks even “typing a message” state also.

9 – In this new feature you have the option of copying the status of your other contact to your clipboard, which in later you can paste it to your status option.

10 – You are able to send a single broadcast message to 600 peoples at the same time with this new GBwhatsapp apk .

11 – In the previous version there was a limit set for status which is of 139 characters but now in this new feature you have an increased character limit for status is of 255 words. You will not be going to shorten your status anymore.

12 – This new Whatsapp feature gives you a support of more than 100 different languages within the app.

13 – You have various themes in the new G B WhatsApp feature in this you can change your Whatsapp trademark theme now and change the physical appearance of your Whatsapp.

14 – There is a new feature in this app by which you can stay online for 24 hours continuously without even opening the WhatsApp, the only fact is that this feature consumes a lot of battery.

15 – Even you have a new option of creating your own theme and submitting it to G B Whatsapp and apply it to your WhatsApp.

16 – In the previous version you were only able to choose 10 images at a time to send for sharing but this new G B feature app allows you to send 90 images at a time.

17 – You will get the link without even saving the admin and contact number of Whatsapp group.

18 – This feature allows you to copy the text on your GB Whatsapp and copies it where ever you want.

19 – This new feature has an inbuilt lock app, you will not need to get any third-party app to lock your WhatsApp account, you can lock it by this new feature.

20 – You will also be able to change your application and notification icon.

21 – You will be able to make calls to noncontact numbers also which are not saved in your phone book.

22 – You can set privacy for media auto-download also, you will be able to auto-download media files only for the selected groups and contacts.

23 – You can use this feature along with the original version on your phone without having any crashing problem.

Changes that have been made :

Here is a list of changes that have been taken place from the previous version to that how to updated APK.

GBWhatsapp Version 5.80

  • The new update is based on 2.17.223
  • Now you can play videos easily.
  • New options have been added to send the original image.
  • New album feature if you send more than 3 images to your contact.
  • Now you will be able to upload text status again.
  • A new option of GIF / Tenor has been added.
  • A new feature of schedule editor has been included, now you can edit your scheduled messages.
  • The emoji search feature has been added to it.
  • An option for disabling message counter has been added.
  • Your daily chats will get automatically back up at 2:00 am.
  • Now you will be able to share apk directly from the file manager to the WhatsApp
  • Turkish language support has been added.
  • Spanish and Italian translations have been updated.
  • The message scheduler has been fixed for KitKat version devices.
  • The icon color of emoji has been fixed.
  • Whatsapp log has been fixed.
  • Several more internal bugs have been fixed.

Now let us know about the changes that have been taken place in version 5.09.

GB WhatsApp version 5.90

  • The base has been newly updated to 2.17.296.
  • Now you can enable the recall feature i.e. you will be able to delete sent messages.
  • A dail FAB on the calls tab has been exclusively added. By using this you will be able to send a message and do call to unsaved numbers.
  • You have a choice now for media auto-download system . You can set up the media auto-download activation only to some selected contacts and groups.
  • A newly added feature of hiding or viewing status privacy.
  • Now you will be able to play videos for your favorite external app.
  • An option has been added to send original images to the sender.
  • The same feature as in the previous version album-making feature has been updated on the sharing of more than 3 images with contacts.
  • Now you will be able to upload text status with an increased number of characters.
  • GIFs have been newly added with updated features to this latest version.

THEMES option

1 – Normal version doesn’t include themes feature.

2 – There are several themes available for you to change your background, color, and icon.

3 – There is also a new feature updated, in which you can make your own theme and later on send it to GB Whatsapp and use it as your theme without any issue.

4 – With these wonderful themes your will look more attractive to the viewer.


1 – You are able to change the theme mode of your in the account.

2 – This APK is an ad-free and virus free app. You will be free from the display of the advertisement that was present in the normal account apk.

3 – You will be able to share your current location in this new account with your friends.

4 – You will be able to send more than 100 images at one time to your contacts.

5 – In this new app, you will be able to share your text status and image status with your friends with the increased number of characters for your convenience.

6 – All of the tools and features that are provided in the very easy to use without any difficulty.

7 – You will be able to hide or show your status privacy only to your some of the contact whom you wanted to show.


There are very few disadvantages to the normal. As they are not very big issues but can be counted as disadvantages of this app –

1 – You will need access to your internet connection for sending or receiving messages, you will not be able to send or receive any of the messages without an internet connection to your device.

2 – There is no such feature of sending a text message to your mobile phone inbox folder. You can only send or receives messages in the inbuilt chatbox, not in your text message box.

3 – This feature works only on the smartphone, not on any other feature or touch phone.

4 – You can’t talk to the person or your friend who does not have an account.

If you own an I phone and wanted to install it to your apple ios device then this new may be bad for you that you are not able to get on apple ios devices. This is only designed for android users might be in future they will bring an app like this for apple users also just wait for that day.

So, I told you everything about this app in this article that

  • What is APK and why is it used for?
  • How will you be able to download?
  • How will you be able to install this app on android devices?
  • How will you be able to install this app on your window PC or laptop?
  • How you will be able to install this device on your mac book.
  • We learn about the features and specifications.
  • We come to know that how many versions are available of this app and what are they.
  • What are the changes that have been made from version 5.08 to version 5.09?
  • We get to know about the latest feature of the theme addition of this app.

I hope that this article has solved all of your queries and problems and further you will not be going to have any issues on APK regarding these things that we’re told in this article. Enjoy exploring your experiences and knowledge we are always here to enhance your knowledge and let you know about the new technical things happening in this world.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Ques – 1: Will I be able to use on my device?

Ans: Yes, you are able to use and normal in your device simultaneously without any clash issues.

Ques – 2: Is there any risk in downloading?

Ans: No, there is no risk or problem in installing in your device, as it is free from ads, viruses, and malware so it totally safe for you, you can download it without any worry.

Ques – 3: Is it a clone of WhatsApp so will it be possible in the future that it will get the ban?

Ans: No, you will not be going to face this problem in the future as it is authorized and the legal app so you will be going to face any ban issue in the future.

Ques – 4: How much space does this app require?

Ans: As you are aware that it gives you a chance to use two accounts in the same device and use them simultaneously, so you will require having enough space for it.

You must have at least 1 Gb of RAM on your device and free internal storage of about 16 GB you can also increase the storage space by inserting sd card to avoid any storage problem or hanging issue with your device.

Ques – 5: Is there any need to root my device before installing this app?

Ans: No, you will not be needed to root your device before installing this app as this feature is specially designed and download the latest version for Android devices you don’t need to do any changes to your mobile device.

Ques – 6: What is the size of this app?

Ans: The size of this app is around 35.7 MB.

Ques – 7: What are the different features as compared to the normal App?

Ans: There are a lot of new features as follows

  • You will be going to send 100 images at a time to your contact instead of 10 images.
  • You will be able to use two WhatsApp accounts at a time.
  • You can hide your status privacy, last seen and double tick.
  • There are a lot of variations in themes for making it look more attractive.
  • For the pleasure of your eyes, the night mode facility is available in g b.

Ques – 8: My WhatsApp gets stopped saying “ Unfortunately GB WhatsApp stops”. What should I do?

Ans: For solving this error uninstall the Xposed app if present in your Android device.

Ques – 9: My media and emails get duplicated. What to do?

Ans: For solving this error follow the two steps given below –

Step – 1: First of all cancel the invisible mod from your WhatsApp.

Step – 2: Now after canceling restart your device, your problem has been solved.

Ques – 10: Why my account show online 24 hours even though I was not using it at that time?

Ans: This is not a problem with your device. The new version gives you a feature of being online for 24 hours even when you are not using it. You can switch off this feature in the settings menu.

Ques – 11: Does it works on a blue stack present in pc?

Ans:   Yes, it works very well on a blue stack emulator.

Ques – 12: What are the requirements for free download?

Ans: Requirements are as follows –

1 – You must have an android phone.

2 – The android version should be 4.0 or above for this app

3 – You must have enough free space for installing it.


We think we have made this extremely clear how to use and download GB whatsapp on your android or iOS devices. Remember this application is not available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. So you have to download it by our given link.  Because it is a third-party application so we cant help you out over here.



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