Candy Crush Cheat

Candy Crush Cheat
Candy Crush Cheat

Candy Crush Game who doesn’t know about this game which is famous for breaking jelly bean in candy crush cheat and earning a point and beating your friends in this game. Higher you earn the level the more hard game it becomes to clear the levels. To much addictive games and millions of players play this game daily clear all the levels.

But now it is becoming hard to beat levels every day as there are low lives and you get only lives to clear the stages. If you consume all your 5 lifes then you have to wait two hours. After two hours your lives will be back to five. But as the game becomes more addictive no one can wait for 2hours and they want to fulfill there lives immediately. So we have a trick like how you can increase your lives.

When a player stuck at some level and he/she does not find anywhere to clear that level then the game becomes very frustrated and the player looks for some tips/tricks to beat that level or complete it. These tips and tricks which we are going to tell you will make your all candy crush game very easy for you.

Candy Crush Cheat

With the help of Candy Crush Cheat, you don’t have to buy any more powers, money, coins, etc to clear all levels. You can also gain lives if you run out of it. The best thing about candy crush cheat¬†is totally free and anyone can use it without spending any amount. These trips will work on all the latest versions of the Candy Crush Cheat game and you can use it without any worry.

Candy Crush Cheats
Candy Crush Cheats

These tricks will work on all the mobile devices plus on every operating system such as Android, iOS or even on PC, Laptop also. So let’s discuss some of the tips and tricks below:

  • Tips to Increase Lives: When you are out of your lives and you want to regain that lives to 5 immediately and without spending any amount follow steps. What you have to do is Just go to the setting of your mobile device and then go to Time and Date, then increase your time forward. For Example, If your Current Time is supposed 12.50 A.M. Then forward it to 3 A.M. All your lives will be back at 4. (Go to Settings > General> Date & Time > Set Time Off > Set Date and Time > Add two hours forward and get 4 more lives in your game)
  • +5 Candy is your friend:¬†When you make a candy crush chain on any level with more than +5 then this will add 5 seconds to any time trial level.

These tips can be applied to any version so please check it when you run out of your lives. The best part about this game is you can play like for hours and you will not get bored single time. Let’s discuss more tips and tricks about this game below.

Candy Crush Cheat, Tricks, Tips

Now, let’s discuss more Candy Crush Cheat, Tricks, Tips, etc for you. We can’t guarantee you that these tricks will always work for you but around 90-95% it will surely work.

Candy Crush
candy crush cheat

Start at the bottom:

Always try from bottom to crush the candies. Because whenever you try from bottom there is always chance to create a more cascade effect. When the cascade effect is made it will give you more time to create space and break as many candies as you can.

Go For Combos:

Always go for combos as much as you can. Because it not only destroy that row or column but also increases your points and more chances of completing the level. Best Combos are striped candy and wrap candy combine it with the sprinkle donut hole. When you combine them together it will clear your half-board making very easy to clear your level. It will clear your level 181 easily and without combining candies you will not able to clear level 181.


Candy Crush SAGA
Candy Crush Cheats

You can also download this game by using the Emus4u Download app where all the tricks and tips are there with the button of download option.

Right now there so many alternates are present in place of candy crush game. Now if you are bored with this game then you can play alternates which we have discussed below:

  • Gardenescape: Now this game is best currently in PlayStore and Apple PlayStore. When you switch on the game you go in the virtual world of ruin garden of your mansion. When you play the game you get the chance to design and renovate the garden according to your mood.


We will add more Candy Crush Cheat for you to clear all the levels easily as soon we will know about it. This game good to play and so much fun to play with your family and friends beating there highest score on each level. And you can also pass them there highest all-time score also. Thanks for reading this post if you know any other trick then please comment down below we will include that Cheat or Trick with your name in it.


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