Best Action Games for Android in May 2019

There are such huge numbers of amazing activity diversions in the Google Play Store, it tends to be difficult to sort the good product from the refuse. In any case, we’ve done the truly difficult work for you and following many long periods of playing, we’ve gathered together the best activity pressed recreations for Android that merit looking at.

A significant number of the diversions on this rundown are paid applications which may give you stop, so you’ll have to believe us when we state these amusements are definitely justified even despite the underlying venture. Besides, it’s in every case great to help those groups creating incredible recreations for Android


In Fowlst, you play as a plunder looking for owl that has some way or another stalled out in Hell’s underground maze. Each time you play is its very own one of a kind test in light of the fact that each chamber is haphazardly produced and loaded up with evil presences and other dangerous snares to deftly avoid.

Controls are dead straightforward. You tap on either side of the screen to fold your wings toward that path and you got the opportunity to continue fluttering to fly. You consequently execute evil spirits by running into them however they’re continually attempting to shoot at you so you need to evade their assaults while setting up to swoop in on them.

Foes drop plunder as cash sacks alongside catalysts which you can trigger with a speedy swipe up anyplace on the screen. You’ll need to gather however much plunder as could be expected as you can spend them on profitable updates that will build your wellbeing, give you attractive forces for gathering plunder, and furthermore give you more assaults like egg bombs and homing rockets that shoot out your butt.

There’s a spin-off — Super Fowlst — that is allowed to play yet has more advertisements that occupy from the center ongoing interaction.

Download: Fowlst ($0.99)

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a made-for-versatile fight royale amusement that joins cartoony designs and a top-down point of view with an oversimplified sole survivor ongoing interaction group that works actually well. This amusement offers a genuinely one of a kind interpretation of the fight royale recipe that is totally for easygoing gaming sessions as a match takes just a couple of minutes to finish. Much the same as PUBG or Fortnite, you parachute down onto a guide with a cluster of different players — 29 adversaries for this situation — and must rummage for weapons, ammunition, and covering while at the same time remaining in the wellbeing circle and disposing of your foes.

You’re restricted to conveying one weapon and ammunition is scanty, prompting some truly extraordinary minutes where you have to choose whether to draw in an adversary or attempt and sneak past them. There’s additionally a pair mode where you can collaborate with a companion or an irregular player. The craftsmanship style and ongoing interaction are splendid and fun and this is an incredible minimal amusement for killing time. It’s allowed to play with in-application buys for character skins.


JYDGE is a coarse and brutal top-down twin-stick shooter that is a flat out impact to play. You are the JYDGE, a computerized authorization officer who utilizes his Gavel (see: BIG cracking weapon) to dole out RoboCop-style equity.

Each dimension highlights various difficulties that are required to advance however never feel like a trudging errand. Appropriating illicit money en route, you’re ready to overhaul JYDGE and his hammer with a profound choice of embellishments. In that manner, JYDGE holds the rebel like component from its forerunner Neon Chrome by urging you to replay levels with various update blends until you complete every one of the difficulties.

With a diversion that has you replay levels again and again, it’s basic for an amusement to find that blend of incredible ongoing interaction with an intriguing soundtrack that isn’t too irritating or monotonous — and JYDGE completely conveys.

Look at my full survey in the event that you need all the more persuading.

Download: JYDGE ($5.99)

Tesla versus Lovecraft

Tesla versus Lovecraft is the most recent amusement from Finnish engineers 10tons Ltd and it’s a genuine treat. The amusement pits Nikola Tesla and his greetings tech innovations against a wrathful H.P. Lovecraft who has released unlimited rushes of nightmarish beasts that will rapidly swarm around you except if you battle back.

This is an extraordinarily cleaned amusement that utilizes twin-stick controls for moving and shooting. The crusade steadily increments in trouble with well more than 200 adversaries bringing forth on screen at one time on the off chance that you aren’t quick with your trigger finger. Luckily, there are catalysts and advantages galore which are available in maverick like design. You gather XP as you kill beasts and get another advantage each time you level up. Catalysts and weapons haphazardly bring forth on the guide and you’ll likewise need to gather the six pieces required to assemble Tesla’s mech which can chop down any swarm quite expeditiously.

The touchscreen controls feel good and the diversion additionally offers extraordinary help for Bluetooth controllers which is constantly phenomenal to find in an exceptional amusement. There’s a huge amount of substance incorporated with the base diversion, alongside some DLC accessible that offers new beasts, weapons and considerably more. Try not to be stress, the diversion feels cleaned without expecting to spend more cash, however once you’ve at long last endured everything that Tesla versus Lovecraft brings to the table you may be happy there’s somewhat more to investigate.

Download: Tesla versus Lovecraft ($9.99 w/DLC)

Suzy Cube

Suzy Cube is an amusement that has been in progress for a long time. Created by a non mainstream amusement designer, this activity pressed platformer is an unquestionable requirement play diversion on portable with contact controls that have no privilege being on a par with they are. It’s most effortless to contrast the illustrations and ongoing interaction with Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS and is far better than Mario’s versatile presentation, Super Mario Run.

In Suzy Cube, you play the main character who has set out on an experience to recover her family’s fortune which has been stolen by square formed baddies. Most foes can be crushed by bouncing on their heads, while different obstructions require speedy reflexes to evade each assault.

There are a ton of ways a 3D platformer can turn out badly — awful controls, terrible camera, deadened dimension plan — yet Suzy Cube is an uncommon jewel that demonstrates that an appropriate comfort quality platformer can be made for versatile without trade off. You hear that, Nintendo?

Download: Suzy Cube ($3.99)


From its name to its application symbol, ICEY is a fairly unassuming passage in the Google Play Store that would be not entirely obvious — yet that would be a slip-up.

At its center, ICEY is a 2D side-looking over activity amusement where you play as the main character, a secretive robotic warrior that kicks genuine ass. The amusement plays perfectly, with tight controls and new aptitudes to be opened and updated as you advance through the diversion.

On the off chance that that is all ICEY was — a kick-ass side-looking over activity diversion — it would even now discover a spot on this rundown. In any case, that is only the start, there’s additionally a whole meta-account at play here investigating the connection between the player and the storyteller. The storyteller will manage you around the globe and disclose to you where you ought to go… yet what occurs on the off chance that you overlook the storyteller?

There are layers to this diversion and a sizeable rundown of trophies to open. On the off chance that you cherish independent diversions and meta-humor you unquestionably need to look at ICEY!

Download: ICEY ($2.49)

Passing Road to Canada

When you will drop cash on a diversion, you’re going to need to make sure it has great replay esteem. In such manner, Death Road To Canada is a remarkable decision.

Confronting a zombie end of the world, you should lead a sketchy squad of to some degree fascinating characters on a destructive mission to the overall wellbeing of Canada. En route, you’ll have to investigate and plunder places for provisions, while additionally dealing with your group’s wellbeing and confidence.

Everything in Death Road to Canada is haphazardly produced, making each play-through a one of a kind involvement in this excursion activity RPG. You can arbitrarily produce your character and amigo or specially craft your beginning characters with various ascribes to enable them to remain alive.

The controls take some becoming accustomed to, and there’s a truly steep expectation to absorb information as you realize which weapons are best and when it’s smarter to battle or run. Also, you will bite the dust, early and frequently, in spite of the fact that that is a piece of the enjoyment of a zombie end times, correct?

There’s an absurd measure of profundity in this amusement, including 10 diverse amusement modes to open. The cost may appear somewhat steep, yet in case you’re an aficionado of rebel like zombie amusements, it’s certainly justified regardless of the venture!

Download: Death Road to Canada ($9.99)

More unusual Things: The Game

In case you’re a genuine aficionado of Stranger Things, you’ve as of now marathon watched the whole of Season 2 (perhaps in one sitting). However, the most genuine of Stranger Things fans have likewise beaten Stranger Things: The Game, a shockingly strong amusement discharged by Netflix that has no privilege being comparable to it is.

Set in the town of Hawkins, Indiana you begin playing as Police Chief Jim Hopper as he takes off to scan for a missing child, however finds significantly more than he expected. The interactivity has a great Zelda vibe to it, and the blend of riddles and activity areas keep things feeling new. As you investigate the town, you’ll find different characters from the show who join your gathering and have exceptional capacities which enable you to achieve new regions of the world.

There’s simply such a great amount to acknowledge here. Not exclusively is it a dedicated adjustment of the show, it’s accessible for nothing with no in-application buys or irritating promotions… past the diversion itself.

Truly, this amusement is basically a playable commercial for Season 2 of Stranger Things — truth be told, one of the prizes for finishing the diversion is an all-inclusive trailer for said season. Be that as it may, dissimilar to other portable diversions integrated with motion picture or TV show establishments, Stranger Things: The Game can remain without anyone else as an extraordinary amusement whether you’re an aficionado of the source material or not.

Download: Stranger Things The Game (Free)

Passing Point

Passing Point is as cleaned an amusement as you’ll discover on Android. It’s a top-down stealth shooter wherein you play a caught government operative in a dystopian existence where you should sneak through adversary mixes taking out

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