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Today we have bought an application for you if you are using amazon fire tv stick. Now there is a various application available on Amazon Firetv stick but sometimes there are some apps which are not available of fire tv stick.  So users got bored or frustrated when their favorite app is not available. To overcome this problem we have Apps2Fire Apk(Apps to Fire) application for you.


In the App2Fire Application, you can upload any type of application from a tablet or mobile phone to amazon firestick without any problem.

Now you may be thinking how is possible to get an application on Amazon Firetv stick of our choice. We have explained each and every step below so that you can have a brief idea on how to download and upload the application of your choice.

Apps2Fire Apk

Before you start reading further I request you to please go and read the amazon firestick guide where each and everything is explained about amazon firestick. everyone wants to make their television like a smart tv by connecting various devices available in the market.

But some people connect Google Chromecast to there Tv and some connect amazon firestick to there television so that each every application or game can be played on the big screen. Now when you have firestick then you can have only amazon inbuild applications or games. So to solve this problem we have brought an application known as Apps2Fire.

Now let’s talk about the features of this application.

Features of Apps2Fire App

Here you will find only limited features available for this software that is useful and important for you before downloading and installing this software. So to begin lets dive in:

  • You can easily launch apps from mobile or fire tv.
  • Download all available application from firetv to mobile.
  • Easily uninstall or delete any games which you dont like or you get bored.
  •  (.apk, .jpg, .mp4,…) these type of files can be uploaded from your hdd or sd card.
  • Easily Pause and Start.
  • If you dont like the name of app or game then you can easily rename it.

Setting Up for sideloading apps

Switch on your Firestick and and go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer options. Set the options for ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources to ON.


Now press back button from your remote and do Device > About > Network. Now there will be IP address will be highlighted note it down somewhere safely. And now follow the next steps where you will know how to upload on your device.

Upload Apps via Apps2Fire

The quickest way to download and upload apps is via Apps2fire. First, install this application on your mobile device. Now install all the content games and everything which you want on your firestick.

Now the IP address you have noted down will be required here. From Apps2Fire Apk, go to the Setting (Setup) tab and enter the IP address. Save it by tapping on it. Now a notification will pop up asking you to accept incoming connection Tap OK.

All the apps and games will be there. But wait it will not be available until you install it on your device. Tap on apps one by one and install them. Now uploading of content will be started wirelessly and it may take some time depending upon the size of the application.

When the installation reaches a 100% completion mark then it will take a few seconds to install all app automatically. After completion, there will be an alert on your device as well on your TV.

Now press Home Button and keep it pressed for few seconds and then select Apps. Now all your content is available to click it and launches to see the new experience of a newly installed application.

Apps You Need to Install


There are a huge number of applications available to download on your Amazon Firestick. But We have bought some of them which are more necessary and useful for the day today life.

  • Aptoide: This application is best if you are using android device and it’s best if you know how to install it on your device. Because if you get this app then almost each and everything will be there on your Device.
  • emus4u: If your device is apple and wants to transfer from apple then emus4u download will be the best bet from apple devices.
  • Netflix: If you are bored with your Amazon Prime subscription and want more content to watch then Netflix will be your best bet to view the latest and amazing content. Because Netflix has huge content with original web series where you will not be bored a single minute.
  • MovieHd App: This application is also useful if you want to watch any live stream on your television. Because here you will find all the latest and live content absolutely free.
  • Jio Saavn: If you like music very much then JioSaavn is will be your best bet to listen to the latest and amazing songs in crystal clear sound.


We have given you a brief explanation of how you can install the application to your amazon firestick with help of Apps2Fire Apk application installed on your mobile device. Now make a list and upload them and enjoy it with your family and friends.




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