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Emus4u is world number 1 unofficial third-party AppStore which provides free games and apps which are paid on other mobile platforms.

This app is available for both Android as well as iOS. There are many apps and games available on AppStore but this platform is different as compare to other mobile operating systems. Apps and games which are found on this app are exclusively found on this platform only.


You will not be able to find on the Play Store or App Store. So user these days wants something more from these Operating System whether it’s Android or iOS. So due to so much of restriction, they are switching to Emus4u.

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What is Emus4u?

This application is based on the Apple operating system which worked only on iOS devices, not on other devices like Android or Nokia mobiles.

It can work on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and also on MAC laptops. That means it has an XML file which only works on iOS devices and MAC devices.

Emus4u For PC

When you download an XML file of this application then you have to allow the certification to download the required file by the user. If you denied it then the software cannot be downloaded on iOS devices.

When you allow the certificate to download the file then all settings are downloaded according to Apple devices to run smoothly.

emus4u android


Difference Between Emus4u and App Store

In the App Store, all the application which are available has some restriction on it. Or some rules and regulation are put on them. Not every Apps and Game are free, some are paid also.

Now if you use iOS software from a very long time then you may know the application Cydia. In Cydia, you get many games and apps which are not available on Apple Official App Store. But to install Cydia on your Apple devices you have to Jailbreak your device then only Cydia can be installed on your devices.

Emus4u For Android

So everyone knows that installing Cydia is very risky for the device as it reduces security features and also while installing you can brick your Apple devices. Same as you root your Android devices.

So now Jailbreak is not available for latest iOS firmware. So you don’t have a choice and only one option available to install the third party installer which will provide you free games and apps.

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Now we will talk about the features. Which are discuss below?

Emus4u Features

Now we have talked about the difference between this application and apple store and also we have discussed What is Emus android. Now let’s discuss the features of this app.

  • You don’t need Apple Login Id to use this application. So you can use this app straight away.
  • Easy to use the application.
  • All the games and apps are free and exclusively available.
  • Warranty is not void if you install this application on Android, iOS or on PC/MAC.
  • Application and its Content are updated regularly to avoid any error or bug.
  • You clear cache with this app which is provided when you install the application.
  • No Jailbreak or rooting require to install and download on your devices.
  • Tweaked Apps are available.

emus4u android

So we have discussed some features of application but there are more features available that are explained over here. So when you will download this app then you will get to know all its features.

Now if you need any help regarding this application then it can be fixed very easily without any trouble.

So you might be asking is it really safe to download and install App on your apple or android devices without any problem.

Why You Should Download Emus4u App?

Launch of iOS 12 in Apple devices is been a great success of Apple Developer in making iOS 12 full of features and more secure Operating System.

So if iOS 12 has so much of features then why one should use this app for there Mobile devices? So the answer is it is the best third-party app which has thousands of Apps and Games and Exclusive content which is not available on the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

This Application support full iOS 12 support and it is faster than any other third-party app store. Customer support is also very helpful if you stuck anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

emus4u QnA


Q1 Can Emus4u Downloaded Without Jailbreak?

Ans: Yes it can be downloaded without Jailbreak also. All you need to do is install third-party Software and you are good to go.

Q2 Safe to Use?

Ans: Absolutely it is safe to use. Because you don’t have to root or jailbreak your device. So it is not breaking any iOS or Android security breaches.

Q3 Is it Legal to use?

Ans: Yes it is legal to use and also safe.

Q4 Is this Application Available For Android?

Ans: No you cannot install it for Android devices. This Application is mainly designed and developed for iOS users only. Maybe later developers may launch an Android version in the near future.

Q5 What to do if this app gets revoked?

Ans: Simply Uninstall it and remove each and every file. Then again download it and you are good to go.

Q6 What is emus4u?

Ans: Emus4u is third party application source where you don’t have to jailbreak ios device in order to use it. Before in third-party installation, you have to jailbreak your iOS devices in order to install it.

Q7 How to Uninstall Emus4u From iOS devices?

Ans7 First of all Locate where is emus4u icon.

Now tap and hold the icon.

When icon starts to dance you will see cross mark on icon.

Press it and delete. Emus4u will be deleted from your iOS devices.

Q8 How to Download Emus android on an iOS device?

Ans8 Simply click here you will get step by step process to download.

Now let’s talk which iOS version this application supports.
  • iOS12 ( All iOS 12 Version included+ Latest iOS 12.3)
  • iOS11 ( All iOS 11 Version Supported)
  • iOS10

These all version are supported on all Apple devices whether it is iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You just have to download the file on this version and use it.

Final Words

We hope you like the application when you download it. If you stuck somewhere then please head over to help section and you will definitely find the answer which can solve your problem for sure.

If you like it then please share it with your family and friends and do let them know about this article and website. Emus4u is mainly a third-party app which is solely developed to give something new to iOS users and enjoy it.




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Emus4u is world number 1 unofficial third-party AppStore which provides free games and apps which are paid on other mobile platforms. This app is available

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